About Us​

Our Story

We want to do it right.

Penasco has been in business for over 15 years. After retiring from the army Ramon Pena, the owner, was looking for a job just like most of our veterans, for a while he tried a few jobs in the construction industry. It didn’t take long for Ramon to identify market needs as he gain valuable experience. Some of the reasons why Ramon wanted to start his own company were customer service, market growth and leadership.

After a few years working for other construction companies and big contractors Ramon noticed that this companies were constantly leaving customers hanging dry with bad labor or undone jobs, the construction market was growing so fast that many companies would just sale the services and didn’t deliver as promised. This situation didn’t sit well with Ramon’s values, so he wanted to change that and be able to offer better customer service out there. Ramon saw that the market is big enough for anybody to go on business but only those who would deliver on time and with the right price can keep moving ahead.  

This situation became even more important going into the 2008 housing crash, and that is why Penasco was able to survive this recession.

Constantly applying the leadership skills, he acquired in the army, he has been able to grow from a freelancer to veteran owned company and service the Chicagoland area all these years. Penasco keeps growing and customers keep finding our service as the right way to go when it comes to any remodeling and flooring needs for their home or commercial property.

Penasco builds based on your needs, wants, and most importantly on your budget. Our company will not steer you wrong just because is financially more convenient for us. Penasco will give you the best options that take care of your money now and in the future, we’ll do the job once, but we’ll do it well from the moment of the quote until delivery.

Penasco is proudly growing in a booming market but not because everybody is doing it, but because we are doing it the right way, with proven know-how, reliable service, and great rates.     

  • Professional Specialist
  • Brilliant Ideas
  • Precise Builders
  • Warranty on projects

What We Offer

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Proven know-How

With more than 15 years of experience, Penasco Remodeling and Flooring delivers projects to satisfied customers on time and on budget, every week of the year.

Reliable Service ​

Penasco Remodeling and Flooring takes your time very seriously and we don’t waiste it. If we say we’ll be doing something, we will. Call us for any questions.

Great Rates​

We stay compatitive and give great rates, big companies and contractors call us all the time, why wouldn’t you?

Our Expert Team

Ramon and Naty Pena are the owners of Penasco Remodeling and Flooring, Ramon started this venture over 15 years ago and keeps growing every year. He is “the Boss”, although Naty is “HIS BOSS”  

Gustavo Orozco joined the company at the beginning of 2021 and he’s in charge of marketing and sales, you know, all that techy and social media stuff that brings us to you.

Mike Hart has been with the company for a while know and he is the guy that you’ll se the most at the job site.

Ramon and Naty Pena​


Gustavo Orozco

Sales and Marketing

Mike Hart

Senior Installer

We thrive when you’re happy with our work.​

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