2mm Glue Down Vinyl Plank

The most affordable option when it comes to vynil floor. The 2mm glue down will adhere to your base floor with no gaps, and wont let any moisture in, making it a perfect water tight seal. Strongly recommend for office spaces, basements and rental properties. You can beat the quality vs cost on this product.

Shaw LVP – Grayed Oak

Shaw LVP – Light Oak

Shaw LVP – Rustic

Shaw LVP – Teak

Shaw LVP – Weathered

Mohawk LVP – Autum Ridge

Mohawk LVP – Caramel

Mohawk LVP – Castle Rock

Mohawk LVP – Coffee Beam

Mohawk LVP – Dark Forest

Mohawk LVP – Dark Shadow

Mohawk LVP – Gray Mist

Mohawk LVP – Peppercorn

Mohawk LVP – Smokey Gray